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Who is VidBetter?

We started as a production company called Sunpop Studios back in 2000. We recorded thousands of non-actors over the years – businesses of every shape and size. Past productions include a Nobel Prize winner, starving artists, rock-stars, charities, models, kids, national TV and print journalists, best-selling authors, and real professionals from scores of industries.

Most of our clients had to leave their company for a couple days and fly to Austin to work with us. They could have teamed up with a local video company, but we were doing something very different from the local guys. We developed our own unique equipment and processes to direct unscripted conversations. This led to videos with incomparable conversion rates.

Our secret? Effective marketing starts with 2 main ingredients. Relevance and authenticity. When you truly have something valuable to offer, and present it in a credible way that people trust, you get results. Every time.

Why Sell Studios?

Long story short, clients kept wanting to get the Sunpop shooting experience but they couldn't fly to Austin every time they needed a video. So we spent years developing studio solutions that we'd send clients so they could record with us through Skype from their own offices. They'd send us the footage for editing and we became their production team in the cloud.

Now we're letting the public in on our secret weapon. The same patented gear that's been used to produce and grow our clients is finally available for non-clients to purchase as well.

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