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Example Videos

Whiskey Marketing School

Nothing is trickier than capturing regular people for testimonials. It's typically their first time being recorded for a professional production, and of course they start to feel self conscious staring into a camera lens. This video demonstrates the difference the VisionBox makes --- people feel so much more relaxed and it translates into a more credible product.


Garrison's Mattress Gallery

Brian has been expanding his furniture and mattress stores and taking over his local market. His TV spots exude personality and candor, and viewers see a real human being that they like, trust, and want to do business with. If you want to see what authentic video looks like, here it is.


Extra Space Storage

Nothing beats the VidBetter setup when it comes to testimonials. Extra Space Storage wanted a video that spoke to the vastly different experience they provide. Using our hidden camera setup, customers really opened up in the studio and shared some fantastic stuff with viewers.


Plumbers Success International

When you hide the camera everybody finds it a lot easier to relax and be their real selves. As we keep mentioning, this can be the difference between your video falling flat and your video converting a customer. As you watch these plumbers share their experience, pay attention to how candid and honest the footage comes across.


Bixler's, America's Oldest Jeweler

If you're a business that needs to set itself apart from the competition, here's a great way to do it. In this video, the oldest jewelry store in America follows the VidBetter principles with flying colors. They're dropping the pretense and speaking directly to the things that viewers care about.


Wizard Academy

This is one of many monthly Tower Updates that Wizard Academy has sent its alumni. Watch this video to get an idea for how you can structure an ongoing series. If you plan on making lots of videos over time, there's a lot to learn from Daniel Whittington's Tower Updates.


Laughlin Associates

Here's a great business to business example. This is part of a series that seeks to inform and educate while instilling the confidence that's essential to any relationship.


Roby's Furniture & Appliance

It's 30 seconds long, and you'll want to watch through the end. This TV spot demonstrates the type of natural and endearing video that you should be producing. When you're relaxed on camera and "speaking to a real person" through the VisionBox, your personality can shine.


Vanscoy, Maurer & Bash Diamond Jewelers

Most of us have never had a piece of custom jewelry created. So we have quite a few apprehensions about the whole idea. This video tackles that head on and helps viewers feel confident that they could do it.


Wilde Law Firm

Wilde Law is one of the country's most experienced short sale law firms. They needed a video series to educate realtors about the short sale process, and that's where the Studio in a Box comes in. Get a glimpse into their Question & Answer format by viewing the third episode in the series.


American Small Business Institute | W.A.

The objective here was to share some best practices for videos so prospective instructors could plan their presentations. You'll see that the pure white background in the Studio in a Box offers a nice clean slate for editing. It makes it much easier for a good editor to show other elements on screen while somebody is talking.


Home Heating & Air Conditioning Inc

If you're in any sort of service industry then people have to feel like they can trust you. This video is all about that human connection --- showing who the owner is and why she and her team seek to truly serve people in a way they can be proud of.


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