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Studio in a Box - No Camera Included

$ 5,195.00

Studio in a Box - No Camera Included
Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included Studio in a Box - No Camera Included

$ 5,195.00

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Lights, Set, Audio: Just Bring Your Own Camera

Important: How This Differs From the Regular Studio in a Box

You're saving money with this version, but beware it's slightly more complex. If you're an advanced user, then read on.

This version has everything that the full version has, except for the iPhone 6s Camera

No iPhone 6s Camera

This listing does not include an iPhone 6s. That means there's no camera in the box, and you'll need to bring your own. All of our training is built around the iPhone 6s, and that's the only camera we support.

Camera Compatibility

And yes, technically you could use a different camera other than the iPhone, but don't be surprised if you experience difficulties somewhere. The Studio in a Box microphone can output an audio signal either via XLR cable or by 3.5mm stereo cable, which makes it pretty flexible. But as we've learned over the years, just because gear looks like it will play nicely together, doesn't mean it actually will. For example, if you're connecting to the microphone with an XLR cable then you'll need to make sure your camera is supplying phantom power. So use a different camera at your own risk --- this setup was designed for iPhone 6 / 6s and that's all we can support.

The Whole Package

Simply unpack everything and watch our detailed training videos online. They walk you through the process of assembling the studio and recording like a professional.

Keep it Simple

Our patented setup has been years in the making, and every piece has been carefully selected to provide the simplest experience possible. You don't need any prior video experience --- most of our users are business owners, not video pros. That's why you'll be recording with a smartphone instead of an unwieldy and unfamiliar studio camera.

Quality Matters

Don't worry, with the included lights, microphone, and gray card (to grab the perfect camera settings), your smartphone footage becomes transcendent. If you follow the training, your raw video footage will be so high quality that it can be edited into HD television broadcasts. Yes, it's happening every day.

What Else?

  • You'll need sufficient space for your studio. A minimum of 8 feet wide, 8 feet long, and 8 feet high. And you'll want a quiet location to get the best sound.
  • The online training is all that most people need. But every studio also comes with 30 days of fantastic support. During that time:
    • Get answers to your questions regarding VidBetter gear setup and shooting.
    • We can't answer questions beyond our own studio gear, for example your own camera / gear, your computer setup or editing footage.
    • A piece of gear not working right? Let us know and we'll swap it out for a free replacement.

What's NOT in the Box?

  1. No Camera Included
    • The only camera we formally support is the iPhone 6s. If you have your own iPhone 6s, you may also want to purchase an iPhone adapter for monitoring on your display.

What's in the Box?

  1. Packaging & Transport
    • Pelican Case With Wheels
    • Custom Boxes For Secure Transport
  2. Professional Lighting
    • Interviewer Light & Mic Clamp
    • Front Light Arm Clamp
    • Front Light Arm
    • Background Light
    • Background Light Stand
    • Background Light Splitter
    • Front Light
    • Front Light Hood
    • Front Light Dimmer and Splitter
    • Interviewer Light
    • Daylight Balanced LED Light Bulbs
  3. The Set
    • Adjustable Height Table
    • Background Supports
    • Illuminated White Background
    • Guide Lines for Proper Placement
    • Dummy Stand
    • Gray Card Holder
    • Gray Card for Proper Settings
  4. VisionBox Assembly
    • 15.5 inch HDMI Monitor
    • Camera & Screen Mount
    • VisionBox w/Beamsplitter Glass
    • Lens Wipes
    • Extension Cord
  5. Audio
    • Headphones
    • Shotgun Microphone
    • Microphone Cabling
    • Audio Interface Adapter w/Phantom Power
    • Batteries

VidGenius editing and directing are not included. These services are sold separately with limited availability.

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